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IClick4 am happy to welcome a new sponsor to Corruption, Crime & Compliance — Click 4 Compliance.  Click 4 Compliance’s website is here.

Click 4 Compliance is an online compliance training company founded by Farzad Barkhordari and Robin Campbell. Mr. Barkhordari is the former head of global anti-corruption at Sun Microsystems, Inc., and Ms. Campbell is a Privacy and Data Protection expert, having assisted European and U.S. companies on this subject since 1999.

By creating a suite of online compliance courses, they have captured dozens of years of legal, training, and technology experience. These courses are designed to bring about a learning experience that will engage employees at all levels of your organization and make it a cost-effective endeavor.

Each course is created by experts in the field of corporate compliance and ethics with practical experience in training on the subject matter of the course. These compliance experts and trainers specialize in designing effective online training for employees, company partners and 3rd parties across all major market sectors.

Global Anti-Corruption courses, for UKBA-FCPA and beyond, are designed to give users a practical, easy-to-follow, and interactive experience that strengthens our clients’ compliance program by helping their employees to be able to apply the information they learn to real-world situations.

Code of Conduct and Business Ethics compliance training courses establish clear standards and procedures for conducting your business in an ethical way and helps ensure compliance across your organization.

Harassment & Discrimination training courses help facilitate a positive and healthy corporate environment—and reduce your legal risks. The Click 4 Compliance workplace training library includes courses for all employees, supervisors, and international employees. Course content complies with California A.B. 1825, California A.B. 2053 and all state training requirements.

HIPAA training courses educate your employees on the laws about handling Protected Health Information and make sure your employees know how to comply within the laws, report a breach and perform their jobs appropriately to reduce your company’s risks of legal prosecution.

Export compliance training course will teach you about global trade compliance and ITAR compliance laws and how they affect your day-to-day job operations. You will find useful links, games, real-life cases, comprehension checks, practical compliance tips, and activities that enhance the learning experience.

Antitrust training course covers important topics such as the Fair Competition Act, collusion, price fixing, IP & antitrust with a focus on understanding that e-mails and casual conversations with competitors, customers, or distributors could lead to criminal prosecution and multi-million dollar fines.

Privacy & Data/Info Security compliance has taken a front seat in the global workplace. Knowing what information is sensitive and personal and what procedures need to be in place to protect that information is critical to the way your employees perform their jobs.

Protecting Confidential Information training course helps your employees identify what information IS confidential, practical ways to handle this knowledge in everyday workplace scenarios, and understand the critical restrictions on insider trading that often relate directly to confidential information.

Doing Business with US Government training courses will educate your workforce on OFCCP compliance, EEOC compliance, FAR compliance, among other federal ethics topics. It is essential to make sure that your employees understand that selling to the U.S. Government is not the same as selling to commercial customers.

Social media compliance training promotes responsible social media behavior by increasing awareness of the risks and benefits of social media use for themselves and your company, informs employees they must be accountable for their online activity, and helps them understand how it can impact getting hired or promoted.

Customizable Mobile Compliance App puts a compliance guide in your employees’ pocket while they are on the go, when they need it most to avoid risks in everyday business scenarios. The Mobile Compliance App allows mobile employees to view compliance tips on-the-go and submit compliance issues internally.

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