The Person (Idea) of the Year – Corporate Ethics and Culture

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  1. Kurt Stitcher says:

    As always, Michael, I enjoy your posts exhorting CCO’s to press corporate culture as a real value-add of the E&C function. I have noticed, however, that your articles consistently refer to the CCO in the singular (that is, as an individual). Perhaps this is just short-hand for the entire E&C function, but I think it’s important to note that most CCO’s have a team around them, and the team should be heavily involved in all of these efforts. True, the CCO may be the one who’s seeking equality with the CEO and CFO and is generally the one who’s appearing before the Board. But providing authority, resources, and support for the CCO means empowering his or her team to carry out (or to help carry out) virtually every critical function of the office. I think the message is the same, and I would hate to have all of your non-CCO readers (such as myself) feel left out of the discussion.