Tom Fox’s New Book — Effective Leadership Skills in Compliance: CCO 3.0 and Beyond

tf3My colleague and good friend, Tom Fox, has released a new book:  Effective Leadership Skills in Compliance — CCO 3.0 and Beyond.  Tom is a leader in the compliance field and offers compliance practitioners and other professionals important insights on anti-corruption compliance and corporate governance issues.

Tom’s latest book is another important contribution to the compliance field.  Again, Tom is able to address important trends and issues for Chief Compliance Officers who are seeking to implement new and innovative compliance strategies.  Tom’s book is terrific and filled with practical advice and suggestions.

As the compliance profession continues to evolve, there is no question that Tom will be at the forefront of the rise of the compliance profession.  Everyone should read this book as another important contribution from Tom to the development of the compliance field.

Here is a link to the new book.  Enjoy!!

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