Webinar: Effective Strategies to Handle Whistleblower Complaints

Webinar: Effective Strategies to Handle Whistleblower Complaints

May 21, 2024, 12 Noon EST

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Whistleblower reporting is a real and pervasive threat to companies. The Justice Department, the Securities and Exchange Commission and other regulatory agencies offer financial rewards to potential whistleblowers. This new incentive structure poses real risks for companies that whistleblowers may skip internal reporting and present concerns to fedferal prosecutors as a first step.

In those cases where a whistleblower/employee reports internally, companies have to apply best practices in responding to the concerns to reinforce its commitment to a speak up culture. WHistleblowers/employees who experience resistance or poor responses are likely to skip over internal reports and head straight to federal prosecutors.

In this webinar, Michael Volkov reviews the current whistleblower reporting environment and reviews best practices for responding to whistleblower/employee concerns.

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