Webinar: Lessons Learned from 2016 — Strategies to Improve Your Compliance Program

Lessons Learned from 2016Strategies to Improve Your Compliance Program

Tuesday February 7th, 9AM PST/ 12 PM EST

The United States Department of Justice and regulatory agencies continued to beat the drum on aggressive enforcement and the importance of compliance.  The Trump Administration is unlikely to alter this effort, except in certain areas like civil antitrust and environmental and labor regulation.
The aggressive enforcement environment has had a significant impact on the growth and development of compliance program strategies.  Taking a look back at these trends over the last five years, compliance programs will continue to make business sense — an investment in compliance promotes a company’s ethical culture and reduces the likelihood of misconduct providing a positive return on investment.
Join Michael Volkov, CEO of the Volkov Law Group, as he reviews compliance program trends and outlines a vision for compliance in the future.

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