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Webinar: Managing Supply Chain Risks

June 6, 2017
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Global companies face a variety of risks — anti-corruption, sanctions, export controls, antitrust and money laundering are just a few.  Many of these risks, if not all, can be present in the company’s supply chain.
In response to this increasing set of risks and enforcement, global companies are integrating compliance strategies to manage its supply chain risks.  A company’s ability to mitigate such risks depends on its risk assessment, risk threshold, and available resources.
Join Michael Volkov from The Volkov Law Group as he discusses compliance strategies for risk management of a company’s supply chain.
The webinar will be available free during a live presentation.  After the presentation, the webinar will be available for purchase on Volkov Law TV –http://blogvolkovlaw.wpengine.com/volkov-law-tv/.

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