Episode 40 — How to Conduct a Corporate Culture Assessment

Research has consistently demonstrated that an ethical corporate culture results in increased profits and sustainable growth.  Companies with a positive culture have lower rates of employee misconduct, increased employee productivity, and lower employee turnover.  All of these factors lead to higher growth rates, improved employee morale, and a reduced risk of misconduct and government investigation. This basic premise holds true: when ethical values are embedded in a company’s culture, respected in the company’s day-to-day operations and decision-making, and reflected in the trust among managers and employees, the company’s financial performance improves.

While the value of a strong corporate culture is clear, a positive corporate culture does not always develop organically.  Companies have to devote attention to measure, manage, and promote an ethical culture.  Culture is a critical element of a compliance program and should be managed as such.

In this episode, Michael Volkov discusses how to conduct a corporate culture assessment.

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