Episode 93 — Matt Stankiewicz Discusses Data Privacy on Blockchain with ImagineBC CEO Erik Rind

Data privacy has become a hot topic lately. Companies have built massive fortunes by selling users’ personal information to the highest bidder. Meanwhile, they often fail to secure that same data while hackers run amok, putting the users at risk.  What’s a person to do?  Enter ImagineBC.  In the ImagineBC community, you’re in control of your personal information – and free to monetize it. Built on blockchain security, it’s the only place where your privacy empowers you to transact securely, shop independently and earn on your own terms. 

In this episode, ImagineBC CEO Erik Rind and Matt Stankiewicz discuss the current disarray of data privacy, and how Erik’s company helps to return the power back to the user – both for control and monetization.  ImagineBC will offer its users an ecosystem to connect marketers, content creators, and service providers with individuals who can control the flow of their personal information and essentially use it as the currency.  All the while, the company will leverage the blockchain to ensure security and anonymity.

Website:  https://imaginebc.net/

Special thanks to Brawner Communications.

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