The Pandemic Crisis – A Note of Support

I have to admit that it is hard to maintain this blog under the current circumstances.  It is hard to ignore the “elephant in the room.” 

The coronavirus crisis is having a serious impact on our country, society, communities and families.  I am deeply troubled by the current handling of this crisis at the federal level and the coming tsunami for our healthcare system. 

In this situation, I am concerned about continuing to write about ethics and compliance issues because they appear to be irrelevant or far less significant given the current crisis.  We decided to continue to post articles on relevant topics and release additional podcast episodes, while recognizing that we are in midst of an unprecedented crisis.

My colleagues at the Volkov Law Group and myself want to express our hope that everyone stays safe and avoids any harm.  We hope that we survive this pandemic threat and come through it quickly. 

We hope all the best for you and your loved ones. 

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2 Responses

  1. F D Numann says:


    I understand your sentiments but Ethics is never irrelevant. Just think of hoarding, driving prices up of medical supplies of personal protective equipment. We have to put the nation ahead of our self. That’s ethics at its best

  2. Greg Keeling says:

    A healthy culture – one dedicated to “doing the right thing” is the sort of organization that is resilient, that will do the right thing for its customers, suppliers and employees and will emerge from this crisis healthy (if leaner) and will bounce back faster than its competitors. Ethics is about doing the right thing in all circumstances, not just when it is easy or convenient. There will be many debates about ethical decisions over the next number of weeks and months and the perspective of ethics professional will be key. Best wishes to all.