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Episode 141 — Practical Approaches to Managing Beneficial Ownership Risks (Part II of II)

In a two-part series, Michael Volkov examines the continuing problem of identifying and mitigating beneficial ownership risks.  Money launderers and corrupt individuals continue to rely on corporate structures to disguise their ownership interests to further illicit schemes.  Companies have to develop strategies that practically address the risks without dedicating disproportionate resources to the problem.

In the first episode, Michael Volkov discusses beneficial ownership risks and the contexts in which they arise.

In the second episode, Michael Volkov discusses practical approaches to mitigating beneficial ownership risks.

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1 Response

  1. John Fanning says:

    Great break down of best practices on beneficial ownership. Complex subject systematically assessed and unpacked for practical application. Assessments of their existing ABC program both as a engagement step and monitoring can also assist in mitigating the risk. Contracts must include auditing.