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Webinar Reminder: Effective Management of Employee Reporting Systems

Effective Management of Employee Reporting Systems 

August 12, 2020, Noon EST

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The compliance and ethics hotline represents one of the most integral tools available to a high-functioning Compliance Department.  Companies that implement and properly manage their reporting hotlines create a more positive and robust organizational culture.  In this webinar, Michael Volkov explains how to effectively manage your employee reporting system to create a robust culture and how to use the data generated and lessons learned to continue growing and improving your program.     

This webinar is sponsored by our new friends at ComplianceLine.  For more than 20 years, ComplianceLine has focused on its customers and high quality work, to become the leading provider of ethics and compliance solutions and the second-largest player in the space.  ComplianceLine now reliably provides compliance solutions in 50,000 locations to more than 6 million employees in 100+ countries through its highly-trained, caring, and compliance-minded professionals.     

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