Webinar: Speak Up – How to Foster a Culture of Compliance

Webinar: Speak Up – How to Foster a Culture of Compliance

September 17, 2020, 12 PM EST

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A Speak Up culture empowers everyone in the organization to be the “eyes and ears” of compliance, communicating important information on potential problems before they spiral out of control. This type of culture is an integral part of a best-in-class compliance program, however creating it is not always so easy. Fostering a Speak Up culture requires a concerted effort across all levels and parts of an organization, and a variety of effective compliance program elements.

In this webinar, Mike Volkov will discuss the the importance of Speak Up culture, how to best drive the message throughout the organization, and the important program elements needed to ensure the Speak Up culture thrives.

This webinar is sponsored by our friends at ComplianceLine.  For more than 20 years, ComplianceLine has focused on its customers and high quality work, to become the leading provider of ethics and compliance solutions and the second-largest player in the space.  ComplianceLine now reliably provides compliance solutions in 50,000 locations to more than 6 million employees in 100+ countries through its highly-trained, caring, and compliance-minded professionals.     

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