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Volkov Law Group Announces New Ethics and Compliance Small Group Working Sessions

The Volkov Law Group is pleased to announce scheduling of new Ethics and Compliance Working Sessions (E&C Working Sessions) to foster small group discussions on ethics and compliance issues of interest. 

As we all continue to push through the pandemic and remote working arrangements, legal and compliance professionals require more than large group webinars. Perhaps you’ve grown a bit tired of passively listening to webcasts and viewing slides designed for a broad audience and would like a chance instead to dive deeper and become an active participant discussing problems specific to your business, industry or operations. To address this need, the Volkov Law Group is facilitating small group, roundtable discussions among similarly situated legal and compliance professionals. We hope to moderate open, “no judgment,” collaborative discussions where participants can freely exchange ideas, best practices and lessons learned. Through gathering different perspectives and experiences from like-minded professionals, we hope to zero in on relevant issues and immediate concerns. Hopefully, all participants will leave the sessions with practical guidance as well as an enhanced understanding of the particular topic.

This format is intended to facilitate dynamic discussions to address specific issues and concerns in a specific industry or even in a particular company. Remote working arrangements present serious challenges for ethics and compliance professionals.

We plan to limit these sessions to no more than 20 participants and plan to invite subject matter experts to participate and facilitate the sessions.

If a company or legal or compliance department is interested in a company-specific session, please let us know and we can schedule a session to convene an intra-company discussion of any relevant legal, ethics and compliance issues.

Here is our initial schedule of upcoming sessions with sign-up links:

Date                Time                Topic                                                               Sign-Up

3/10/21           1 pm EST         Challenges of Remote Investigations HERE

3/11/21           1 pm EST         Challenges of Remote investigations HERE

3/17/21           1 pm EST         Trade Compliance Policy HERE

3/18/21           1 pm EST         Trade Compliance Policy HERE

3/24/21           1 pm EST         Conflict of Interest Problems HERE

3/25/21           1 pm EST         Conflict of Interest Problems HERE

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  1. Dennis Myhre says:

    Mr. Volkov,

    A great idea…. will these sessions be recorded to be viewed later by other parties of interest?