Episode 213 — How to Structure and Implement an ESG Program

As companies focus more on ESG, it is obvious that companies will achieve a significant number of benefits beyond that defined in the ESG acronym.  A well-designed and tailored program will bring significant benefits to the overall company’s operations.

There are a number of important issues that design and implementation of an ESG program entail.  It is hard to fill in many of the important issues given the SEC’s ongoing rulemaking on ESG disclosure issues.  Obviously, SEC regulations will have a significant impact and everyone is anxiously awaiting the regulations.  In the meantime, many companies are moving forward with planning and implementation.  That is a good thing because it is unlikely that the SEC will alter the landscape to which many companies are moving.

Here is a list of issues, which I will explore in this podcast:

  • Who should conduct oversight of the ESG program?  A specific committee or the overall board?
  • Who should be responsible for design and implementation of an effective ESG program?
  • How should a board or committee charter be drafted to ensure proper oversight and monitoring of ESG functions/
  • How should ESG reporting and disclosure occur?  How should the talismanic standards of “materiality” be applied in this context?
  • How can technology be used to ensure proper oversight and reporting of ESG issues?

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