Episode 261 — 2023 Ethics Compliance Predictions and Trends

I always enjoy pulling out the crystal ball and looking forward with due consideration of last year’s trends.  It is a perspective that gives us all the opportunity  to identify important trends and to set an agenda for the next year – 2023.

The compliance profession continues to grow in overall importance in the corporate governance landscape. Corporate leaders that fail to appreciate this face do so at serious risk to their respective organizations and their own livelihood.  Boards and CEOs that ignore the importance of ethics and compliance are doomed – maybe not today but certainly in the near term.  No one is that lucky and compliance karma has a way of catching up with those organizations that believe they can dodge risks and reputational damage with little attention to ethics and compliance.  I have seen too many organizations operating in a red flag landscape suffer real and significant harm.

In this Episode, Michael Volkov reviews ethics and compliance trends for 2023.

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