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Diligent Podcast: Alex Cotoia and Tom Fox Discuss Corporate Culture Issues

Alex Cotoia, Regulatory Manager at The Volkov Law Group, joined Tom Fox for a Diligent-Sponsored Podcast on building a stronger culture of compliance.

You can listen to the Podcast Here.

Tom Fox conducted a special series this week on building a stronger culture of compliance through targeted and effective training sponsored by Diligent. This week, Tom visited with Yvette Hollingsworth-Clark, Viktor Culjak, Jessica Czeczuga, Michael Parker, and Alexander Cotoia in this series.

Alexander Cotoia, a regulatory compliance manager and consultant at the Volkov Law Group, has a rich background in commercial litigation and has spent a significant part of his career in an in-house role at Virgin Galactic. Alexander strongly emphasizes the importance of compliance culture in organizations, believing that a culture promoting compliant behavior reduces the likelihood of ethical lapses or legal violations. He argues that creating a culture of compliance is not only ethically sound but also makes good business sense in today’s era, where consumers are well-informed and employees prioritize alignment with organizational values. Alexander suggests that organizations should reinforce their values and highlight the economic benefits of compliance to gain employee buy-in and engagement, emphasizing the need for continuous improvement, conducting root cause analysis, and involving various stakeholders to address cultural issues effectively. Join Tom Fox and Alexander Cotoia as they dive deep into how to continuously improve your compliance program in this episode of Unlocking Success: The Crucial Role of Culture in Compliance Best Practices podcast episode.

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