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Webinar: Elevating Your Sanctions and Export Controls Compliance Program

October 24, 2023

12 Noon EST

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The Department of Justice warned global companies of a new, aggressive strategy for enforcement of trade sanctions and export controls. DOJ’s message has been reinforced by the Departments of Treasury (Office of Foreign Asset Control, or “OFAC”) as to sanctions, and the Department of Commerce (Bureau of Industry and Security, or “BIS”), as to export controls. DOJ OFAC and BIS are gearing up to focus on corporate prosecutions of companies for violations of sanctions and export rules.

Companies need to revisit their trade compliance programs to prepare for this new era of sanctions and export control enforcement. As part of this effort, companies need to assess the state of their compliance programs, identify gaps, and implement remedial steps. Proactive strategies are needed to enhance corporate trade compliance programs.

In this webinar, Michael Volkov will review practical steps to assess and improve your trade compliance program.

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