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The Volkov Law Group and Diligent Unveil New AI Certification for Board Members

The Volkov Law Group is pleased to have participated in both the curriculum development phase and the content creation phase with our dear friends at Diligent, addressing the timely issue of artificial intelligence (“AI”) in the corporate arena with a focus on reinforcing basic ethics and compliance principles.

Through a series of courses—aptly titled “AI Ethics and Oversight Board Certification”—participants will receive feedback from a myriad of well-known figures in the compliance, ethics, and artificial intelligence communities. These courses will also serve to acquaint directors and other senior corporate leaders with both the emerging opportunities and potential threats involved in the utilization of AI throughout organizational processes and across industries.

The Volkov Law Group prides itself on a deep understanding of the emerging technological issues facing the compliance community. It proudly collaborated with Diligent to create a curriculum that recognizes the stark reality that the Caremark standard and its progeny are likely to be tested in the context of future shareholder derivative suits alleging a breach of the duty of oversight all directors owe to their companies. A thorough understanding of emerging AI issues is thus a necessary prerequisite for directors to begin thinking about these issues and formulating strategies to mitigate the potential that AI will drive business operations; rather than business operations driving AI.

Finally, a note of gratitude goes out to our dear friends Dottie Schindlinger and Emily Williams of Diligent Institute, who should be commended for the final product they created. I would urge each of you interested to inquire about this latest board-level certification course directly from Diligent itself at the link contained here.

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