Aravo Webinar: Where Your Nth Party Liabilities Start and End

Where Your Nth Party Liabilities Start and End

June 19, 2024, 11 am EST

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Among the many challenges risk professionals face is understanding the true depth and breadth of their third-party risks. The scope and scale of assessing, managing, and mitigating third-party risk is constantly evolving, with increasing regulatory, shareholder, and market scrutiny, as well as increasing demands for transparency, auditability, and responsible supply chains. Where a business might have reasonably assumed their governance, risk, and compliance influence and responsibilities – along with their legal liabilities – ended at their immediate third-party relationships, today’s reality is many stakeholders are now seeking further assurances and holding businesses responsible for the actions and practices of third – or Nth – parties anywhere up and down their supply chains.

Join Michael Volkov of the Volkov Law Group, Loren Johnson, product marketing at Aravo, and Robert Shearman, product management at Aravo, as we discuss this important and rapidly evolving challenge for third party risk professionals.

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