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Ethics and Compliance Trends and Predictions for 2020

2019 was a big year for ethics and compliance.  In fact, it is easy to argue that since the adoption of the compliance provisions in the US Sentencing Guidelines in 1991, compliance had its biggest year. The federal government issued three important documents in 2019 – DOJ issued the Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs from the Criminal Division (here) and from the Antitrust Division (here),...

Episode 71 — 2019 Ethics and Compliance Predictions and Trends

In 2018, ethics and compliance professionals continued to innovate and push for compliance program enhancements. In response to growing demand, compliance industry vendors helped to implement new and innovative tools for use in compliance programs. In this episode, Michael Volkov reviews ethics and compliance trends and developments during 2018 and outlines predictions for the upcoming year.

Compliance Trends and Predictions for 2017

The past year was another great success for the compliance profession and related technologies. Compliance continues to grow as the “professionalization” of compliance continues to skyrocket. As my good friend Donna Boehme always reminds me, compliance professionals have the requisite subject matter expertise that many other professionals such as lawyers and auditors lack. I often remind compliance professionals of the old saying – “Be careful...