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Episode 31 — Doing Business in Haiti: Interview of Angelo Viard

Haiti continues to suffer from significant corruption.  In Transparency International’s recent Corruption Perception Index, Haiti ranked 157 out of 180 countries on the corruption perception index. Angelo Viard, a longtime expert in business development in Haiti sees a different picture — business opportunities in Haiti are present but corruption risks have to be acknowledged and addressed.  Angelo Virad provides practical insights on how to navigate...

Podcast 3 — The Latest FCPA Undercover Sting — John Baptiste Case

Recently, the Justice Department announced the arrest of John Baptiste as part of an ongoing investigation into corruption in Haiti.  The arrest warrant affidavit outlines an undercover investigation, including Title III wiretaps of John Baptiste’s cellphone. In this podcast, Michael Volkov reviews the investigation of Baptiste, culminating in the arrest of Baptiste on August 28, 2017. A copy of the arrest warrant affidavit is here.