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Webinar Reminder: Effective Management of Employee Reporting Systems

Effective Management of Employee Reporting Systems  August 12, 2020, Noon EST Sign Up Here. The compliance and ethics hotline represents one of the most integral tools available to a high-functioning Compliance Department.  Companies that implement and properly manage their reporting hotlines create a more positive and robust organizational culture.  In this webinar, Michael Volkov explains how to effectively manage your employee reporting system to create...

Episode 83 — Managing Hotlines and Reporting Systems

Corporations have to invest in their Speak Up Culture.  A critical component is a company’s hotline and incident reporting system.  An effective hotline reporting channel(s) depends on responsive and timely investigations of potential wrongdoing. In this Episode, Michael Volkov discusses best practices for hotline and reporting systems.

NAVEX Global Research Demonstrates Correlation Between Business Performance and Hotline System

NAVEX Global continues to publish important research and guidance on ethics and compliance program (benchmark reports for hotline systems here, third-party risk management systems here, and policies and procedure management here). In an interesting new report (here), NAVEX Global enlisted Professor Kyle Welch from George Washington University’s Business School to analyze years of NAVEX Global’s hotline data.  Professor Welch was given access to over ten...