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LRN and Tapestry Networks Issue Important Guidance for Corporate Boards and CEOs to Build and Manage Ethical Cultures

You can always count on LRN.  No ifs, ands or buts, LRN continues to issue the highest-quality and most meaningful research and guidance on ethics and compliance programs.  LRN digs in to ask the hard questions, measures important trends and consistently provides importance support and guidance for corporate governance.  LRN is a must read in these areas. Now that I finished by promotional rant, let’s...

Episode 37 — Ethics and Compliance Trends from Recent Surveys and Studies

Two recent ethics and compliance surveys and studies provide important information on ethics and compliance program trends.  The first is LRN’s 2018 Ethics and Compliance Program Effectiveness Report.  The second is the Ethics and Compliance Initiative Global Business Ethics Survey. In this episode, Michael Volkov reviews the two surveys and studies and the implications for ethics and compliance program practitioners.