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Why A Duck — Episode 6, Coconuts and the OFAC Compliance Framework

In this Episode, Tom Fox and Mike Volkov discuss the Marx Brothers movie, Coconuts, and the new OFAC Compliance Framework. Listen HERE Tom and Mike address the following issues: Why has Mike Volkov called the OFAC Compliance Framework a ‘game-changer’? How does the OFAC Framework illustrate regulatory convergence? What are some of the highlights of the OFAC Framework? What are some of the key lessons...

Episode 81 — Update on OFAC Enforcement and Compliance Lessons Learned

OFAC is off to a fast start in 2019.  It has implemented enhanced Venezuela sanctions and designated PDVSA as a Specially Designated National, and brought four separate enforcement actions with important lessons learned for sanctions compliance. In this Episode, Michael Volkov reviews OFAC’s actions and outlines important sanctions compliance lessons learned.