The Dangers of Ignorance: Avoiding an Internal Investigation

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2 Responses

  1. Lilia Rhodes says:

    If issues within the company cannot be resolved immediately, they will become bigger until the company can no longer resolve it. Big things start from small things, as they say. I also believe that if the people in the company can face the smaller problems, surely they will be ready to face the bigger ones.

  2. Donna Boehme says:

    I would go one further, internal investigations need to be under the oversight umbrella of an empowered independent CECO who is a member, and probably chair, of the compliance committee. The opposite of this transparency can be observed in firms that place the CECO under the GC, which is too often a not-well-disguised bid to keep a lid on “sensitive” investigations. Exhibits A&B: WalMart and Pfizer.