Anti-Corruption Compliance Check-Ups

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2 Responses

  1. jill sperber says:

    I agree with Michael’s observations. However, as someone trying to enter the ethics and compliance field, I notice that while more companies now have a CCO, they are often acting as lone rangers, strapped for resources with few staffing positions to support the program. Reluctance to staff ethics and compliance suggests that companies still view E & C as a profit suck and mere cost center.

  2. Kevin L. Warmack, E.J.D. says:

    Jill, I agree with you on the view that the Chief Compliance Officer is most times acting as the Lone Ranger. Its unfortunate that many companies as well as the regulatory authorities don’t understand the role that Compliance plays in a firm. In some cases, the CCO is looked at as a supervisor when really all he does is observe, review and recommend certain action be taken. Compliance has to be considered by all to be the moral conscious of a firm and not a cost center.