Webinar — Anti-Corruption Due Diligence: Practical Steps to Protect Your Company from Third Party Risks

Volkov Law GroupMarch 20, 2013, 12 Noon -1 PM EST

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Almost every FCPA enforcement action involves misconduct by third party agents and distributors. The Justice Department and the SEC have emphasized the importance of companies conducing appropriate due diligence. In the absence of proper due diligence procedures and documentation, companies face significant bribery and enforcement risks. Companies that design and implement due diligence policies and procedures are taking proper precautions to avoid costly government investigations and More…enforcement actions. Due diligence is the life-blood of every anti-corruption compliance program. Learn the important steps of a due diligence process and protect your company.

Join me for a free webinar: how to conduct due diligence of third party intermediaries; how to document due diligence procedures; when and how to focus additional due diligence on red flags; what additional investigation steps may be needed and when.

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