Let the Sunshine In – The Risks to Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Companies from Open Payment Transparency

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2 Responses

  1. Mike Bennett says:

    I’m a recently retired CFO who’s run the full gamut of SOX harassment and cost, and feel lucky to escape just ahead of the full brunt of Dodd-Frank and the conflict minerals nonsense. But when I recently asked my daughter, an internal auditor and compliance professional for a medical parts supplier “So how’s work?” I got a 2-1/2 hour earful about something I’d never heard of – the impending effectiveness of the Sunshine Act and its California and Vermont holier-than-thou cousins. This may be the most outrageous poster child for unintended consequences I have ever heard of. The article here is a good starter, but if the author had been permitted 10 times as much space we would have had our hair curled by the insane nits and nats, which reveal the law’s full insanity. Bad, bad law, inspired by fear that a doctor might sell his conscience for a trip to the Master’s Tournament or a wild Super Bowl junket, and catching in its too-fine net the minnow-sized net the coffee break at a bona-fide training session, the pens, notepads, and brochures at displays at medical conferences, and more.

  1. July 19, 2013

    […] Compliance with Physician Payment Sunshine Act can create collateral federal and private enforcement concerns (Corruption, Crime & Compliance) […]