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Webinar: The Importance of a Risk and Compliance Program Assessment

The Importance of a Risk and Compliance Program Assessment

Wednesday, July 13, 2017, 12 noon EST

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An effective ethics and compliance program requires a careful assessment of risks and existing controls.  In order to design and implement an effective program, a chief compliance officer has to identify and prioritize company risks.  In addition, a CCO has to review and understand how existing compliance controls mitigate existing risks.

A risk assessment is the foundation of a compliance program, but has to incorporate a review of existing controls.  A CCO has to address both of these subjects to develop an effective strategy for risk mitigation and overall compliance program operations.

Join Michael Volkov, CEO of the Volkov Law Group, as he outlines the importance of conducting a risk and compliance program assessment.

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  1. María Alejandra Bodero says:

    Hi, good afternoon. Please, I want to Know if this webinar is gonna be on wednesday or on Thursday, because if it´s wednesday, has to be 12 and not 13. Please, let me Know.

    Thanks a lot.