Episode 143 — The Boeing Safety Scandal and the Demise of Boeing’s Corporate Culture

Boeing Airlines was the leader in safety and financial success.  Unfortunately, Boeing has suffered a significant fall from grace as a result of its 737 Max safety record and two devastating crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia. The Boeing safety scandal has had a devastating impact on Boeing’s performance and uncovered a corporate culture that has been obsessed with financial performance to the detriment of safety and respect for regulatory requirements. 

In this episode, Michael Volkov reviews the Boeing safety scandal and outlines some of the corporate culture issues. 

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2 Responses

  1. Robert Feke says:

    You are spot on with your comments here. I have some personal knowledge of how Boeing operates. Your blog today validates my observations. Looking forward to the next episodes.

  2. Wish I Could Tell says:

    The demise of Boeing’s culture began with the Mac Dac merger. High ranking Douglas personnel were installed in key positions and Boeing Corporate moved from Seattle to Chicago to distance Corporate from Engineering. This turned a great Engineering Company into a great Stock Market money machine. Over the years the Douglas culture rode the proud Boeing coattails while slowly destroying it for cost schedule and shareholder value.
    Just look at the Boeing sign, the Douglas emblem precedes Boeing. This represents Douglas / Boeing