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Podcast 3 — The Latest FCPA Undercover Sting — John Baptiste Case

Recently, the Justice Department announced the arrest of John Baptiste as part of an ongoing investigation into corruption in Haiti.  The arrest warrant affidavit outlines an undercover investigation, including Title III wiretaps of John Baptiste’s cellphone. In this podcast, Michael Volkov reviews the investigation of Baptiste, culminating in the arrest of Baptiste on August 28, 2017. A copy of the arrest warrant affidavit is here.

Podcast Episode 2 — Ethics and Profits

With the increased focus on corporate culture, chief compliance officers have to educate the board and senior management on the inextricable link between an ethical culture and financial profitability. In this episode of Corruption, Crime & Compliance, Michael Volkov outlines the link between ethical culture and sustainable growth.  During the episode, Michael refers to two studies on the subject.  The studies are noted below with...

New Podcast: Corruption, Crime and Compliance — Episode 1, A Review of Trump Administration Enforcement Priorities

I am pleased to announce the new Corruption, Crime & Compliance Podcast.  Episode 1 is, A Review of Trump Administration Enforcement Priorities. When the Trump Administration came into power, many commentators predicated that the Justice Department might significantly change enforcement priorities, especially FCPA enforcement.  As discussed in the podcast, the Justice Department’s strategies are not so clear at this point, but some trends can be...